Lazy Writing 8.5 - DECADE!!!1

2013-04-21 18:13:42 by LazyMuffin

Hey Groundsmen,

On April 18th I have officially been a member of newground for a decade. That is ridiculous. I got my first good tablet from this site and now I'm thanking Swivel every time I finish an animation. It's ridiculous to think I'm 21 and have been doing something for a decade. This is a great site and I HOPE YOU RESPECT IT.

Besides that, I've sold two animations to be featured on an upcoming TV show somewhere in your American broadcast network. One of em was Lazy Writing 8 (with the doctor) and one was specifically made for the show, which may slightly explain why I haven't posted anything in a while. SO HERES SOMETHING! Go watch Lazy Writing 8.5.

And also Youtube.

Also here's a link to the song at the end of the animation.
Thaaaaanks byeeee


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2013-04-21 18:23:25

Whaaaaaat that's crazy man.

Could we get the name of the show it'd be appearing on?

LazyMuffin responds:

Once they tell me it's fine to plug it I'll let everyone know.


2013-04-21 18:32:24

Great job man!


2013-04-21 18:45:46

wtf. i have no idea what just happend..............butilikeit>;D


2013-04-21 19:45:04

now you got some more


2013-04-21 20:24:25

You must be the greatest man that has ever lived, and you re awesome


2013-04-21 20:24:32

You must be the greatest man that has ever lived, and you re awesome


2013-04-21 20:25:45

wo ... that got posted ... many times ...


2013-04-21 20:59:58

i dont remember your walk cycles being so crisp. They grow up so fast.

(Updated ) LazyMuffin responds:

I watched a tutorial ):


2013-04-21 21:08:31

Congrats man! Yeah, this site does have the soul sucking time consuming void that ensnares us all, doesn't it?


2013-04-21 21:31:37

This was a really nice video. Smooth, funny, and all around just good man.
Good things feel good.


2013-04-21 21:56:24

I guess you could say justice is blind.


2013-04-21 23:51:11

Anyone got a copy of lazy writing 8 recorded?


2013-04-22 01:14:18

So, me being out of the loop apparently, what happened to Lazy Writing 8?


2013-04-22 05:04:05

Man, seems like forever since you've submitted anything,
Stoked to know that you're still making these!


2013-04-22 05:05:07

Is Lazy Writing 8 gone forever though? D: I missededssssss it. ;'(


I love your work.


2013-04-22 07:02:46

Congrats LM.
Remember us when you're famous.


2013-04-22 14:08:55

jewish? oh noes

LazyMuffin responds:

more like oh nose!!!!!!!!


2013-04-22 21:58:05

do you actually go out of your way to slack off on the writing for this series? Thatd be kind of cool.

(Updated ) LazyMuffin responds:

It's not even Lazy Writing cause I don't write, it's mostly improvised, which can be considered lazy I guess!


2013-04-22 21:58:41

cuz you know... LAZY writing.. ok that was terrible. but i do want to know


2013-04-23 07:25:28

Congratulations, brother! I predict those gigs to be the first of many. You've always been talented and intelligent, and I've watched you do absolutely nothing but improve over the years. Truly a pleasure. I know you'll go far, keep up the excellent work and thanks as always for sharing with us here on Newgrounds.


2013-04-23 22:52:23

So I've been a fan of your movies for a while, and I just found out you make music as well, like whole albums I guess. You're freakin awesome man and you're gonna get more money soon.


2013-04-27 01:02:24

im gonna take a guess that it's adventure time at least i hope it is its the only one i can think of that would go best with your usual animation style can't wait till you get the okay to tell people so we can all tune in and up it's ratings lol

LazyMuffin responds:

It's very sweet of you, but what would Adventure Time do with Lazy Writing 8? It's for a sketch show.


2013-05-05 18:08:02

This, this is what dreams are made of. I feel the sorrow pain and anguish in this post. The drive to push oneself out of the pit and prove himself worthy in a field of leafy green flowers of BLOODY COMBAT!

*ahem* Good work as always...


2013-05-05 23:45:29

Hey I know you said in your previous post you don't take requests when it comes to covering songs but I was curious if you could check this song out if you haven't done so before.