a wisenheimers thing

2014-12-23 15:00:38 by LazyMuffin

hi fellows.

I haven't made a NG post in a while, but I'll do my best.

I made a Wisenheimers short, with sdaa ahh stop being a link. okay better now. I'm resorting to old clips and ideas cause I haven't been able to think up anything new. I need to get back to animating Nameless.

I have a bandcamp page if you like covers of bands I like. and that's it! THANK YOU! BYE!!!




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2014-12-23 15:44:21

I got a kick out of it. That was very smoothly animated, Yotam. Good job!
By the way, do you still get in touch with Max? Seems like he hasn't been putting out much content nowadays, I wonder why that is...

LazyMuffin responds:

thankyous! we talk sometimes. he usually posts fairly long animations, so i guess that has something to do with it.


2014-12-23 19:32:23

Great to see you on here Yotam! Great animation and drawings as well! I loved the Weisenheimers show... Any chance you and Max will ever start it up again?


2014-12-23 19:42:02

Good job man! You and max always have good chemistry!


2014-12-23 23:33:05



2014-12-24 11:41:50

Really liking these conversations with Max lol. You've got some pretty nice covers going on too! Nice.