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2013-06-12 21:43:46 by LazyMuffin

I made my yearly birthday animation.
I hope you enjoy it.


Lazy Writing 8.5 - DECADE!!!1

2013-04-21 18:13:42 by LazyMuffin

Hey Groundsmen,

On April 18th I have officially been a member of newground for a decade. That is ridiculous. I got my first good tablet from this site and now I'm thanking Swivel every time I finish an animation. It's ridiculous to think I'm 21 and have been doing something for a decade. This is a great site and I HOPE YOU RESPECT IT.

Besides that, I've sold two animations to be featured on an upcoming TV show somewhere in your American broadcast network. One of em was Lazy Writing 8 (with the doctor) and one was specifically made for the show, which may slightly explain why I haven't posted anything in a while. SO HERES SOMETHING! Go watch Lazy Writing 8.5.

And also Youtube.

Also here's a link to the song at the end of the animation.
Thaaaaanks byeeee

HAPPY NEW YEAR 201666666666

2012-12-31 14:25:18 by LazyMuffin

Hello boys and BOYZ,

I made my last animation for this year. CLICK THESE LETTERS. Besides that I have an episode of Nameless 7 finished, but that's gonna take a while.

OTHER THAN THAT, there isn't much. I have my Bandcamp page that I put covers and other songs on. NEW COVERS DROPPIN SOON.

happy new year bye now

Lazy Writing 8

2012-10-02 20:01:34 by LazyMuffin

Yeah Yeah man Watch Lazy Writing 8

This is more animation than I'm used to doing, which is sort of sad.
Maybe visit my tumblr.

I have a new animation out also I share my thoughts!!!

2012-07-20 12:19:59 by LazyMuffin

It's been a slow couple of months.

Watch my new animation "I'll be there for you", maybe you'll get a giggle out of it. Or watch it on the tubes -

Besides that I'm still in a conflict of whether or not to do freelance work to make money. At the moment I think it's smart to try and push forward with my own writing, but maybe it'd be good to do some animation-networking. WHO KNOWS.

Best case scenario - I actually make Nameless 7 and everyone on youtube likes it like they did Eddsworld. I would be happy making just Nameless for a little while. I should get on it. I WILL GET ON IT.

I am still jealous of people who make parodies and get millions of views and I'm still not sure how to handle that.
Also here is my Bandcamp if anyone likes gay covers of gay songs.


I have a new animation out also I share my thoughts!!!


2012-06-13 16:33:51 by LazyMuffin

Hey guys, hahaha!

It's my 21st birthday so I made one my all-time classic birthday songs.
Watch it here on Newgrounds, or on the Youtubes!

I've also made A comic that got fairly popular on my Tumblr.

Also here's my Wishlist if you want to pretend I'm a porn-star.



Lazy Writing, Nameless, CLITS!

2012-05-15 21:23:07 by LazyMuffin

Hey you group of buff sweaty men,

Have you watched my latest Lazy Writing 6? It has a family in it so you know it by me and not a fake. It's very improvised though, I don't know how well it'll do.

You guys remember Nameless? Well tell me you do so I have the courage to go back and continue it. I have made a very presumptuous 30-minute commentary for Nameless 6, that talks about the references it has and a bit of the way I was thinking when writing it with my brother. Maybe it'll interest you.

Also here's a human fact -

Lazy Writing, Nameless, CLITS!


2012-04-16 22:04:55 by LazyMuffin

Hey feral beasts,

I haven't had the change to say it on a post, so go watch Penny the Possessed baby if you haven't yet. BUT I HAVE JUST posted a new Yotam & Fantasia in which we discuss body shapes and other stuff.

I'm gonna keep working on animations cause it seems that over the past few month's I've gathered some sort of success. Nameless will one day rise. ):

And here's a video of Max Gilardi telling me what to draw, you'll love it if you enjoy two men giggling.

Oh also I got this tattoo on April 1st.


2012-03-17 15:20:35 by LazyMuffin

Hey enemies,

I have a new Lazy Writing up that maybe you should watch I don't know!

Also, here's News Show 7 - I teach you how to look cool, animate and lose weight!!!

ASK ME ANYTHING! I might answer. Probably not.


2012-02-02 19:14:10 by LazyMuffin

Hey buds,

I put out Meme City here on Newgrounds.

I also played Facade on livestream. If you haven't had enough of me doing girl voices THIS IS FOR YOU.

Lazy Writing 4 will be out fairly shortly, featuring

Drawing by Dana Tthis song!