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Army, you rascal.

2009-10-15 16:11:38 by LazyMuffin

I was supposed to be drafted on the 25th, and my father randomly checked my draft date online and they changed it to the 19th, which is this Monday.
So I just wanted to let everyone know I'll be gone from Monday till... I don't really know. Probably a month or so. I'm gonna be an... armory technician... MMM-HHMMMM. Hopefully after the course I'll be home daily, if not I'll do my best to make sure I will.

If I get my cell phone figured out I might be able to update my twitter, that would be kinda fun.

ANYWAY, I'll bring a notebook over there, hopefully funny stuff will happen.
Me running and not being able to catch my breath isn't funny... or me getting my elbow's skinned from shooting an M16. I'm very fragile.

By the way, my brother will probably get on my account and make posts so you guys can vote on stuff we made... hopefully I'll come back and be n***a-rich.

Oh, and here's an awesome character I drew when I was 11. His name is Bilbdude.

Army, you rascal.

I'm bursting out of this bra.

2009-09-30 23:35:48 by LazyMuffin

Hey there you bunch of men on chairs.

I'm being drafted on the 25th, 24 days from now. It's probably gonna be a month of boot camp and then being home steadily and working in an office-like environment for three years. MMMM-HMMM. If not, I'LL RAISE SOME SHIT BRO'S.

In other news, me and my brother wrote a script for Halloween but it ended up way too long and ambitious for the time I have, so I basically cut more then half of it and hopefully the pace won't be too off. Maybe I'll release the full thing as an audio sketch.

Also, since I'm drafted on the 25th, and Halloween is on the 31st, if I do end up finishing this up, I hope Tom would understand me submitting it a few days earlier. =^________________________^=

And that is all. Go go buy my shirt and play Back to the Cubeture, cause it's fantastic.


I'm bursting out of this bra.


2009-09-12 13:22:19 by LazyMuffin

I made this little animation, took a day or two. Just a short silly animation.

I finished writing a script with my brother for Halloween this year, turned out a bit ambitious, hope I can complete it.

Apparently all my Nameless fans are skinny, cause small and medium shirts are out, so I order all fatties to get some of the bigger ones. Thank you.

Also, been working on a game with Molkman, the last one has kinda flopped. It has cats.

I'm gonna go try to install Dungeon Keeper 2, bye.


2009-08-05 15:54:55 by LazyMuffin

It was fun. Too hectic for me.
Sorry for whoever missed me at the NG booth, I wasn't there as much as I should have been.
Everyone were nice, I won't go all Anigen on you and write a 10 page review, so thanks everyone.

I have no idea what I'm gonna do in the army. The date is slowly getting closer and closer. I only have like two more months. Too exhausted to deal with anything.

Since my family is going through some HARD TIMES financially, I should probably start making flash games, cause that's pretty much the only way I can make money. I want serious people, people who won't get unmotivated half way (no offense iggy, you know I love you) and would get the job done fairly quickly.

I have pretty much everything for a (hopefully) nice launch game, CAUSE THAT'S WHATS HIP. I just need someone I can trust to do it.

So yeah, PM me with what you consider your best work. Can't promise I'll respond to everyone, BUT GO! SHOOT! FASTER!


Demo Reel?

2009-06-29 09:53:31 by LazyMuffin

HEY GUYS! Hahaha

I made a Demo Reel yesterday fairly quickly. I was never good at pointing out my strong points animation-wise, and I just realized I don't have anything from Pico day in there. Maybe I'll change it.

It's for an interview I have tomorrow regarding some army stuff. Maybe I could land some graphic-related job. Speaking of the whole army ordeal, I exaggerated my whole response in my Birthday animation, I'm nervous but I'll be fine. So thank you everyone for your alarming amount of worry, but I'll be fine.

Well, here it is:

/* */
For now I'm being drafted on the 25th of October.

I'm also most probably pretty much gonna be at this years comic con. Get ready to lower your expectations!

Demo Reel?

Nameless 6

2009-05-30 14:52:58 by LazyMuffin

Nameless 6 is done.

Good times.

Nameless UPDATE

2009-05-27 02:33:40 by LazyMuffin

I officially finished episode 6 of Nameless.

It's once again split up to two parts, but this time it's not gonna feel as awkward since the second part is not only good and somewhat even in length, but wraps this whole episode that I have been working on since 07 up. I like this volume.

The two parts combined are about 13:30 minutes. A lot of Miller and Chocolateman, kinda lacking in the Crippleboy department, so sorry ahead.

Now I just need to figure some business-ish stuff, could take from a week to more, can't really tell.

I think I'll submit em a day apart. YEAH. YEAAAHHH.

There is a chance I'll be at the San Diego Comic Con.
Get ready to lower your expectations!

Pico DAY!

2009-04-30 09:11:58 by LazyMuffin



On the 18th of April, I have been signed on this site for SIX YEARS.
I think that's impressive knowing I'm turning 18 in two months.

Also, a sadder event, on the 24th I have been working on Nameless for a year, starting with script writing, granted, it took me like 4 month's to write it... but still... makes me sad.
It's the major reason why I'm gonna make Nameless episodes shorter. Yes. ):


Pico Shoe

2009-04-16 14:48:43 by LazyMuffin

Shut up. ):

It's 50% done. I'm afraid not many will like it since It's not very pico-ish in the sense that there's no fighting at all. I just wrote a script in school one day and ran with it.

Oh wells. It's gonna be 3 minutes.

My new site is here on the left.
It's a horrible site though, I made it quickly with using, it's just for now until I get an actual design. Although that's probably not gonna happen anytime soon.

This is for Ed Atlin lovers. He's the creator of Space Tree: The Space Tree from Space!
Which I think is my favorite web flash series, I love the guy.
He has a daily comic which I find hilarious. So check his comic out. l

Pico Shoe


2009-03-23 19:09:28 by LazyMuffin


How are you doing? Slippery? I know what you mean. ): ;)

For those of you who didn't know I worked for a month and a half for a local TV station doing animation. I just finished that about a week ago so I can have time to finish my finals and maybe get on other projects I need to work on.

It was a nice experience although we were only 3 animators creating roughly like 12 minutes of animation a week. Very tight schedule with animation quality that fits it. I made some nice money from it though, so COOL.

(There's no place to actually see some of the work. Sorry.)

I won an iPod classic 120GB from the animation, and I just recently got it. iTunes is an obnoxious, bossy program. I'll get used to it eventually though.

I have about 2:30 minutes to get done. One scene is gonna be very difficult and the other fairly simple. I hope to finish it before June. I kinda doubt it since the finals are starting soon.

ALSO, it has almost been a year since I started working on the script for Nameless 6 volume 3 which truly kinda disgusts me. OKAY YOU GUYS? OKAY? OKAAAY?

I really want to make a Pico animation this year. I've tried for the past two years but couldn't since the day always turns out on my finals. So I started early. It's very very silly and not that violent. HMPH.

You better wash that off,
Yotam Perel