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Nameless 7 part 4

2015-09-30 13:23:16 by LazyMuffin

it is out there. it took too long, BUT I THINK IM HAPPY WITH IT WHO CARES.

go watch it?



Nameless 7 part 3

2015-03-31 08:48:00 by LazyMuffin

hey huns!

finally put out nameless 7 p 3, and i'd love some comments and critique.

I made some stuff in hebrew you may have missed, it has subtitles though.


and now i shall continue working on other stuff.


a wisenheimers thing

2014-12-23 15:00:38 by LazyMuffin

hi fellows.

I haven't made a NG post in a while, but I'll do my best.

I made a Wisenheimers short, with sdaa ahh stop being a link. okay better now. I'm resorting to old clips and ideas cause I haven't been able to think up anything new. I need to get back to animating Nameless.

I have a bandcamp page if you like covers of bands I like. and that's it! THANK YOU! BYE!!!



Nameless 7 Part 2

2014-03-12 16:23:54 by LazyMuffin


I just put out Nameless 7 Part 2 and I think you should maybe watch it.

Also made a short called Cool Teacher.


As far as part 3, I think there may be a bigger gap than just a month due to actors and me not being efficient enough, but hopefully it wont be month's. Let me know what you thiiiink.




Nameless 7 Part 1

2014-02-16 12:45:45 by LazyMuffin


Nameless 7 Part 1 has been out for a few days, I would like for you to go and watch it!

Unfortunetaly the file was messed up for the first day of it being up, so the last scene was all dumb-looking for you watch it again!


Next episode will be out next month, and hopefully I'll finish part 3 a month after Part 2.



Nameless introduction

2014-02-06 20:52:56 by LazyMuffin

Made a video explaining what Nameless is before I post Nameless 7 part 1.

I think that some NG people may recognize it, unlike most youtube peeps.


It should be up sometime this month.


New Animation + Nameless 7???

2014-01-29 23:20:57 by LazyMuffin

Hey ho!

Check out my recent animation -

I think it's funny???


Also, my brother and I have been working on Nameless 7 for years. I will put out the first episode fairly soon, and I want you guys to like it. Do you still remember it?? DO YOU CARE? because we have 10 episodes planned, a whole seasonal arch. We may be overdoing this. Hopefully it'll be successful. Im scwared.


new animash??

2013-12-17 16:27:39 by LazyMuffin

Hey guys.

Last animation I posted up was Lazy Writing 11, with a whopping 10,000 views!!!

New one is Xbox 1 VS ps 1, it's silly don't judge.


stay sweet.



2013-11-11 16:09:59 by LazyMuffin

Unfortunately, It's Yotam & Fantasia.

I also signed up to Patreon and made this semi amusing video explaining what it is, which I didn't submit to NG because of the video/lack of animation.

I'm doing my best guys get off my back.


Youtube king of the month

2013-08-19 19:19:19 by LazyMuffin

hey men and mistresses,

I made this 100,000 subscribers animation (WATCH IT OK??) as I do enjoy marking milestones with animations. I wanted to make another New Years party short but I doubt I have enough new characters to pull that off.

In the meanwhile, Nameless 7 Part 1 is slowly rotting.


Miss you,